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Kids Way Preschool/PreK Educational Partners

Kids Way's comprehensive curriculum and classroom routine is designed to foster children's emotional, physical, and academic growth. Kids Way focus includes connecting Home, School, and the Community.

Educational Preschool and Parent Applications

Watch Me Grow

Watch Me Grow allows families to log on and watch their children in action! It is a secure streaming service for enrolled families only. Families create their own user name and password and then request access. The director of Kids Way must approve access. Kids Way has cameras in the classrooms and the playground.

Hi Mama!

 Kids Way utilizes HiMama! for our daily reports and parent communication. Everyday families receive an emailed daily report. The report includes notes and photos of your child's day. In addition, families can directly message their child's teacher (or the director) with questions or information, and view our calendar, menu, and newsletter.

Early Acheivers

Early Achievers is Washington State's voluntary Rating and Improvement System.

Early Achievers provides evidence-based information about a facility's quality care, to help families find high-quality child care and early learning programs. Kids Way's participation in Early Achievers, demonstrates our commitment to continuously improving quality, so you can feel confident about your child care choice. Kids Way is a Level 3 Rated Preschool.  Facilities that are rated Level 3 have achieved a “quality level of excellence” through an on-site evaluation.

Tuition Express

Procare Software is our Child Care Management Software. Tuition Express is fully integrated with Procare's software solutions and provides a secure way for families to pay tuition via a bank transfer or credit card. Kids Way accepts bank transfers, VISA and MasterCard.

Learning Without Tears ... Handwriting Without Tears

Award-winning, Learning Without Tears (formally Handwriting Without Tears) uses time-tested instructional methods with unparalleled interactive tools. Kids Way uses most of the tools available, including but not limited to, Roll a Dough, slate boards, magnetic boards, wood pieces, Mat Man, books, flip crayons, music, and more! In addition, every enrolled child received their own workbook to take home at the end of the school year.

David Matteson's Foundation in Literacey

Kids Way Director was sponsored by the Everett School District to attend a weekend training on David Matteson's Foundation in Literacy. This award-winning program is used in elementary schools throughout the country. Preschool children expand their imagination by telling stories through drawing pictures. It is a comprehensive program that moves forward into creative writing. Each week Kids Way Kids enjoy telling and sharing their stories.

Everyday Math

Everyday Mathematics is a comprehensive Pre-K through Grade 6 mathematics program engineered for the Common Core State Standards.

Developed by The University of Chicago, School Mathematics Project, Everyday Mathematics is a spiral program. It continually reinforces math concepts through concrete real-world applications and across carefully constructed learning progressions.

The Lake Stevens Athletic Club

Kids Way partner's with the Lake Stevens Athletic Club to provide indoor PE/Gym every week. 

Kids Way Kids participate in music, dancing, and gym games. Indoor PE/Gym fosters large motor development and group activity skills. Kids Way reserves the "Zumba/Yoga" room. While Kids Way Kids are at the gym, that room is closed to the public. 

The Lake Stevens Library

Kids Way receives new books each month from the Lake Stevens Library. In addition, we are invited to join their classes and activities, and a Librarian is our in-house circle time guest every other month. Kids Way's involvement with the Lake Stevens Library is one more way that we create a curriculum that fosters the Home, School, Community philosophy. 

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