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Teaching the Way Children Learn Since 2009



My name is Kymm Shipman, and I am the owner and director of Kids Way Child Care & Early Learning Center, located in Old Town Lake Stevens. I have always loved children and thoroughly enjoyed my oldest son’s preschool and childcare experience. Upon the birth of my second child, I decided to go back to college for my degree in Early Childhood Education and open my own Child Care and Preschool.

It has been an amazing journey! College affirmed many of my beliefs as a mom, as well as gave me in-depth knowledge regarding child development and developmentally appropriate methods to teach to the youngest of children.

Keeping parents in mind, I remodeled our building to include video web monitoring which allows parents to view their child’s day via their computer, tablet, or smartphone. We also offer a secure building with assigned codes required at all entrances. We email digital daily reports which include curriculum activities as well as, photos of your child's day. Kids Way teachers are educated, experienced, and well prepared to foster learning in young children. 

Children are born learners. Kids Way specializes in Kindergarten Readiness for the Lake Stevens School District. We use many of the same tools and philosophies; including the Award-Winning Handwriting Without Tears “GET SET FOR SCHOOL” program in Writing & Literacy and Math & Numbers. We love this program as it teaches to ALL learning styles. In addition, we utilize, David Matteson's Foundation in Literacy to teach children how to compose and tell a story via drawn pictures, labels, and a sentence caption. Classroom routine is an important part of kindergarten preparation and success. Our curriculum includes circle time, arts & crafts, math, science, literacy, language, recess, and social development; in addition, field trips to the Lake Stevens Athletic Club for indoor PE/Gym and the Lake Stevens Library.

We have parent-teacher conferences twice a year. Our spring conference for the PreK Classroom includes a Kindergarten Transition Report for your child's upcoming Kindergarten teacher. When children graduate from Kids Way and begin Kindergarten, they are READY! They have learned how to navigate a classroom of their peers and they recognize many of the materials in their Kindergarten classroom.

Early childhood is fleeting; our goal is for it to be full of laughter, learning, and love.

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